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Laith Marmash Digital Marketing
Creative Consultant
United Kingdom
16 - 20 Years experience
Price Tier - ££


Results-oriented and customer-focused leader recognised for innovative approaches to complex business challenges. Extensive experience in the B2B sector with a track record of leading sales and marketing teams, identifying new revenue streams and building sustainable growth. A consultative, persuasive and driven individual with an ability to effectively communicate at all levels, creating cultures and strategies that enthuse others towards a shared goal.


Virtual Coffee
Chat to this Mentor for free and discuss which of their services would be of most use. Get to know each other over a 15 minute phone call, or send messages over the platform.
Career Pathfinder Workshop
For students & graduates looking to kick off their career - 1 hour virtual workshop reviewing your CV or job application documents. Work on a 5-point key action plan to inform your next steps!
Career Progression Workshop
1 hour virtual workshop discussing how to reach the next level in your career. Review your CV or job application documents and work on a 5-point key action plan with this Mentor.
Mock Interview
1 hour practice video call interview. Answer the Mentor’s prepared questions and receive written feedback. Discuss and agree an interview topic of your choice beforehand!
Career Mentoring Scheme
1 hour phone or video call with your Mentor every month, for a minimum of 3 months. Keep your career on track and continue on the same monthly rate after the initial 3 months!
£39.99 Per month
All prices listed include VAT.


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