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MJ Widomska Profile Photo
MJ Widomska Digital Marketing
United Kingdom

Hi, I'm MJ

MJ Widomska is the Founder and Creative Director of award-winning creative studio YRS
TRULY. Leaving her native Poland for the UK at 19, she went on to launch YRS TRULY at just
23. Working with clients like giffgaff, Hasbro and ellesse, she engages audiences with ethical,
diverse marketing. Financially transparent, environmentally conscious and prioritising voices
often left unheard, YRS TRULY specialises in reaching Gen Zs and other conscious consumers.

10 / 10

I'm (obviously) not a huge fan of coaching or one-size-fits-all advice from hustle influencers with millions of followers. I don't believe best businesses are run by people who wake up at 4am, I don't believe in biohacking yourself so you could be productive for 18 hours a day and definitely don't believe in inspirational quotes superimposed over pics of expensive stuff. Yet for the longest time I thought that's all there is when it comes to business advice. Very fortunately, I was wrong. Through Wiseup I got a chance to have a really inspiring chat with John-Paul Burke who's helped me figure out what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong. If you're a business owner bored to death by hustle culture but looking for a mentorship, I could not recommend John-Paul enough!

John-Paul Burke
John-Paul Burke
United Kingdom
10 / 10

Really insightful, well prepared chat. Thank you Laura!

Laura Davis
Laura Davis
United Kingdom