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Signing up, Pricing & Services

It's easy to sign up send a short application in to be a Mentor on Wiseup. Provide us with some personal details about you and your career, as well as either a copy of your CV, a link to your LinkedIn page or a written summary of your professional experience.

During the onboarding, you can select which price tier you wish to place yourself in. Read the descriptions and decide which fits you best.

You can customise your profile to give career support, business support or both. Apart from Virtual Coffee, all services are optional so you can toggle on or off which you feel you can deliver.

More info on the services to choose from here: Workshops & Mentoring Schemes.

We will review your application and let you know via email if you have been approved!


Wiseup Mentors receive 75% commission of the services they deliver, after taking into account processing fees. You can see the breakdown of your Mentor Take-Home value in the Price Tiers & services tab in Settings. All prices include VAT.

When a request is fully closed after delivery (see section towards the bottom of this page), Wiseup will keep track of what you have delivered over the month. At the start of the next month we will issue you a self-billing invoice of the balance you are owed.

We will pay this balance to you by the 15th of the month, for all services fully closed the month previous.

We only process payments through PayPal, so please provide us with your PayPal email in the Billing tab in your profile.

If you are VAT registered, then please enter your VAT details in the Billing tab in the profile. Self-billing invoices will include VAT for you to pay the portion of your commission that includes VAT to HMRC.

Start Mentoring!

Once you have provided all of the relevant details, you will start getting requests from Mentees. You will get email notifications when you get a new one to review in your Messages page.

Check out the Mentee's request for a service, and it's up to you whether you accept or decline it!

If you accept and request payment from the Mentee for a paid service, you can start chatting with them as soon as the payment is completed to Wiseup. Arrange a time for your agreed call and start inspiring!

Virtual Coffee is a free service and so there is no need to wait for payment to start chatting after you accept.

Closing requests

Once you believe the service has been delivered, you can press "End Session" in the online chat. This will prompt the Mentee to agree or disagree that everything is completed.

Only when the Mentee agrees that everything has been delivered, will the request be fully closed.

Reviews and Mentor Ranks

Mentees can leave reviews on your profile and rank you out of 10. Your score out of 10 will be added to your overall rank on the website.

As you complete more requests, you will rank up accordingly:

Bronze Owl - 50 points

Silver Owl - 100 points

Gold Owl - 150 points

The higher your rank, the higher you appear on Mentee searches.