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Signing up

All you need to sign up is to provide a valid email address, make a password and verify your email.

You can then populate your profile with basic information. Your information helps our Mentors review who you are before accepting your requests.

Find your Mentor!

You're now ready to browse our network of Wiseup Mentors! Visit Explore Mentors to check out our library of professionals and entrepreneurs and what services they offer.

Mentors offer Career Support Services, Business Support Services or both depending on their expertise. So if you are trying to progress your career or grow a business, there is a Mentor for you.

Send them a request!

Once you've found your perfect Mentor, click on their profile and send them a request for the service you would like.

All Mentors offer a free Virtual Coffee session to get to know them before using one of their paid services. See how Workshops and Mentoring Schemes work on our other guides.

If your Mentor accepts, a chat will open between the two of you in your Messages. For paid services (everything apart from Virtual Coffee), you will then be invited to pay the agreed fee for the service. Once you have paid, you can start sending messages to each other to arrange your service.

Closing requests

The Mentor will send a notification to you when the service has been delivered. You will then get the chance to agree or disagree that everything was completed.

If you disagree - then Wiseup will contact you and the Mentor to resolve.

If you agree, we hope your experience was positive and you can then leave written feedback for the Mentor.