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Mentoring Schemes

Mentoring Schemes are a way for Mentees to subscribe to a Mentor of their choice, for as many hours as they need. Mentoring Schemes consist of at least 1 hour of phone or video calls per month for a minimum of 3 months.

This allows a Mentee to secure an hour of an expert's time on a monthly basis to discuss ongoing issues and to develop a valuable relationship.

How long for?

Mentees choose how many hours they wish to request per month. If the Mentor accepts the request, they commit to that many hours of mentoring support, per month, for a minimum of 3 months.

After 3 months is over, the Mentee is able to cancel the subscription and end the scheme. Similarly, the Mentor may request to end the Mentoring Scheme. The option will become available in the online chat window after 3 months. Or, they can choose to continue at the same rate indefinitely.

How it works:

1. Once the Mentor has accepted the request, and the Mentee has completed payment; the Mentee and Mentor may chat to arrange contact.

2. Arrange a day and time each month when you will have phone or video calls to catch up.

3. At the agreed time, the Mentor should contact the Mentee.

4. Chat via phone or video call for the agreed amount of time.

5. Follow this process for each monthly call for 3 months.

6. The chat window will display the 3 month end date. Before this date, please discuss if you would like to continue or end the Mentoring Scheme after the date. If you want to continue - keep arranging your calls and catching up; you won’t have to worry about doing anything differently, payment will come out as normal.

7. If you decide to end the Mentoring Scheme, then either the Mentee will be able to cancel their subscription, or the Mentor will be able to press End Scheme. The option to do both of those things will appear after 3 months in the top right of the chat.

8. Once the Mentoring Scheme comes to an end, the Mentee will have the opportunity to leave a review for the Mentor and rate them out 10, which will appear on their profile.