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Mock Interviews

Mentors can offer practice interviews for the type of role that a Mentee is currently applying for.

Mock Interviews are done over a video call. The Mentor will prepare questions for the Mentee to answer, based on the role they wish to interview for.

Mentors can download the question & feedback template here.

How it works:
1. Mentees click request next to Mock Interview on a Mentor’s profile. A text box will appear where the Mentee should detail what kind of role they would like to practice an interview for, so the Mentor can decide if they are able to help or not.
2. If the Mentor accepts, then a chat will open between the two parties in Messages.
3. At this point, the Mentee must pay the agreed fee to begin sending messages to arrange the interview.
4. Once the Mentee has paid, the Mentee and Mentor may chat freely, send relevant attachments and arrange the hour video call for the interview at a suitable time. Mentors and Mentees can agree on their preferred video call platform and exchange necessary details.
5. Before the call, the Mentor must prepare at least 10 questions for the Mentee to answer during the interview. The Mentor will use a template provided by Wiseup (sent to all Mentors).
6. At the agreed time, the Mentor should call the Mentee.
7. During the interview, the Mentor should fill out the feedback under each question in their Mock Interview Feedback template.
8. Once the interview is over, the Mentor will send the completed feedback sheet to the Mentee, and they may discuss or ask any questions over the online chat.
9. Once the Mentees questions are answered, the Mentor should press “End Session” in the chat window.
10. The Mentee can then agree or disagree that the service has been provided. If the Mentee disagrees – Wiseup will contact the Mentor to resolve.
11. Once the Mentee agrees to close, the chat will end and the Mentee can leave a review for the Mentor, which is visible on their public profile.