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Mentor workshops are 1 hour phone or video calls targeted at the Mentee's specific needs. As an output of all workshops, the Mentor and Mentee will work on a 5-point action plan together. Download the template for the action plan here.

How it works:

1. Once the Mentee and Mentor have had an introductory ‘Virtual Coffee’, the Mentee will select ‘Request’ next to the workshop they have chosen.

2. If the Mentor accepts, a chat will open in Messages between the two parties. At this point, the Mentee must pay the agreed fee for the workshop to begin sending messages.

3. Mentor and Mentee can chat freely to agree topics of discussion, send relevant documents and arrange the call.

4. The Mentee should send their phone number or video call details (Zoom etc) to the Mentor.

5. At the agreed time, the Mentor should call the Mentee.

6. During or after the call, the Mentor and Mentee should work together to fill out the 5-point key action plan template for the Mentee to take away.

7. Once the plan is received and the Mentee has no remaining questions, the Mentor will press “End Session” in that chat window.

8. The Mentee can then agree or disagree that the service has been provided. If the Mentee disagrees – Wiseup will be in contact to resolve.

9. Once agreed, the chat will end and the Mentee can leave a review for the Mentor. This is visible on their public profile, and useful to all new Mentees who are deciding on a Mentor!

Career Accelerator Workshop

For any individual who is looking to accelerate their career, secure that promotion, reach towards the top of an industry or change their career in the right direction. Discuss your current situation or review your CV to get feedback from an experienced professional.

Suggested topics of discussion:

Career development

CV optimisation

Long-term career goals


People management

Technical skills



Interview and application tips

Assessment centres

Startup Kickstarter Workshop

For businesses in their first two years, who want feedback on their business model and advice to kickstart business growth. Mentors can also give guidance on how to structure a business plan or review a current plan.

Suggested topics of discussion:

Business idea and USP

Digital and traditional marketing


Risk assessment


Financial management


Business Growth Workshop

For business owners over 2 years, who wish to grow their client-base and revenue. Mentors with extensive business experience will review a business model and give expert advice on how to take it to the next level.

Suggested topics of discussion:

Identify areas for sustainable growth

Brand improvement

Rollout of new products or service

Customer experience

Lead generation

Creative marketing ideas


Strategic direction

Recruitment and premises expansion