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Mentor FAQs

What if I close or flag the session by accident?

Contact Wiseup immediately at [email protected] and we will re-open the chat.

What if my Mentee is abusive?

Report any issues with Mentee conduct to Wiseup at [email protected] and we will deal with the dispute. If the Mentee is found to be abusive and the session is closed, then you will still be paid the full amount that you are owed for your time.

What if my Mentee doesn’t answer the call at the agreed time?

Please try to contact the Mentee on the online chat in the first instance, and retry any other contact off-site multiple times. If the Mentee is still not answering and your time slot is over, then please report this to [email protected] and we will deal with the dispute accordingly.

Do I have to pay tax on payments from Wiseup?

Mentors are not employees of Wiseup and so no tax deductions are made by Wiseup. The Mentor is responsible for declaring the income received from Wiseup and paying any taxes or VAT due on this income. Professional advice may be required to determine how this income should be declared and the tax payable.

What if I want to stop being a Mentor?

You can remove your Mentor account in your profile settings. However, you cannot delete the account while you have active requests, so please complete them before deleting.

What if I don’t want to use my own phone number or Skype account for calls?

If you do not wish for the Mentee to see your phone number when you call, then dial “141” before the Mentee’s number and it will come up with no caller ID.

If you do not wish for the Mentee to have your Skype contact information after the request is completed, then it is advised that you block the contact.

Am I able to change my prices and services?

Yes – you can change your Price Tier and toggle optional services in the Prices & Services tab in your profile.

What if I'm on holiday or unable to take requests?

You can toggle "On Holiday" when editing your profile page.