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Techfynder is a global recruitment platform also known as HRTech which is designed solely for IT contractors to connect with the businesses around the globe.

The technology economy in countries throughout the world has shown significant rise over the last couple of years, and the demand for IT skills and specialists within their field is bigger than ever. The IT Industry has identified less demand for generalized support skills and more demand for specialisations. This being the situation many businesses have started working with IT freelance contractors either on a short-term or long-term basis.

Techfynder completely understands the struggles that IT professionals face when trying to secure a job in the contracting market. The overall process of planning and searching online for the next contract takes time, including interviews and overall communication, which are all very time-consuming tasks. Techfynder helps the IT contract professionals to connect globally with businesses, matching skills, rates, experience and location and length of contract which are all characteristics that will be matched with an employer. Once an initial connection has been made, you can communicate and organise interviews, accept offers, sign a contract, and start your new position - all through our specialist platform.

Techfynder completely understands how complicated the process of employing - and finding contractors - can be for the companies. By hiring contractors, it provides companies with a flexibility, especially if there is a lot of seasonal work or a fluctuating workload. Companies can subscribe to our platform, allowing them to find the IT contractors who meet their requirements and budget. The subscription to our platform is both cost effective and time efficient for hiring managers and talent acquisition professionals. Techfynder can help them save their time and money, as they will have access to the all-in-one platform, without having to advertise and recruit separately or having to pay separate fees to the third-party vendors.

To understand our platform in more detail, you are more than welcome to visit the Techfynder website.


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