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Wiseup Mentor Criteria Policy

1. Introduction

1.1 Mentor Evaluation Criteria

This document outlines the evaluation criteria policy that Wiseup is applying to all our mentors on the Wiseup platform.

Establishing quality mentors on the Wiseup site is a core requirement of our overall image.

Initially, at start up, when we were establishing a ‘marketplace’ approach, there was less need for quality control on experience and accreditations due to the overriding factor that market demand and supply would set the parameters naturally.

Development of our managed services has raised the importance of our mentors as key enablers of setting the level of ability, experience and culture of what Wiseup can offer to meet business expectations.

This has led for the need for a structured onboarding approach for our mentors against a set evaluation criteria policy.

1.2 Requirements

Wiseup requires some key information and documents which are:
  • Personal details (Name, DoB etc),
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV),
  • Link to LinkedIn account,
  • Business Insurance details e.g. Professional indemnity, Public Liability etc for Business Mentors (required) and for career mentors (guidance to have).

1.3 Process

The process for acceptance of a mentor on site is as follows:
  • Mentors who meet the required criteria (See 2. Evaluation Criteria) should signup and create a Mentor account at, including a link to their personal LinkedIn page or an upload of their CV.
  • Once the Mentor has verified their e-mail, their account will be flagged for review.
  • The Mentor’s Wiseup profile, personal LinkedIn account and CV, will be reviewed by the Wiseup Team to confirm they meet the basic criteria.
  • A short interview will take place between the potential Mentor and one of the Wiseup Team. This is to certify the accuracy of the Mentor’s information and evaluate their ability to become a Wiseup Mentor.
  • Business Insurance required for all Business Mentors and guidance for those who are only offering Career support.
  • Once accepted, the Mentor is free to decide on their price tier and which services they offer (See the ‘For Mentors’ ‘How it works’ page on
  • Any Mentors who are requested and agree to support Wiseup Managed Services have to provide Business Insurance Policy in line with our Terms and Conditions.

2. Evaluation Criteria

2.1 Structure

The main structure of the evaluation criteria is as follows across 5 areas

  • Type of Experience
  • Length of Experience
  • Extent of skills and knowledge
  • Any specialisms or unique elements of their career / experience
  • Relevant accreditations

2.2 Type of Experience

Business Mentor (3 or more of the following)

  • Director or founder of own company.
  • NED or Board experience in a start-up, SME or main FTSE company, national or internationally.
  • Chairing a Board experience – provides a distinct set of skills and mentoring capability.
  • Built, run, or have successfully sold at least one business.
  • Able to provide a track record of providing mentoring or coaching with testimonials.
  • Have a unique, market attractive expertise.

Career Mentor (3 or more of the following)

  • Senior executive or manager in industry or Director of own company.
  • Managed twenty full time employees or more.
  • Can provide specialist business or market knowledge.
  • Have a unique, market attractive expertise.

Length of Experience (1 or more of the following)

  • Over ten years in industry or as an entrepreneur.
  • Exceptions due to unique capability and experience.

3. Skills and Knowledge

3.1 Business Mentor (3 or more of the following)

  • Transforming business e.g. continuous improvement, ways of working.
  • Finding/creating new business.
  • Successfully achieving business growth
  • Entrepreneur who has introduced a product or service successfully over a 5 year period.
3.2 Career Mentor (3 or more of the following)
  • Expert knowledge of a particular sector e.g. Financial Services, Utilities, IT
  • Expert knowledge of a relevant role or profession e.g. digital marketing, procurement, lawyer, accountant, IT etc
  • Managing large teams both directly and virtually, UK or global.
  • Expert knowledge of hiring process and interviews.

3.3 Specialisms and Accreditations (one or more of the following)

  • Industry specific – Ten years in one sector or service e.g. Financial services, Digital Marketing.
  • Associate, Fellow or Master member of a sector specific institute e.g. Chartered Institute of Bankers, Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.
  • MBA or PhD in mentoring, coaching, psychology or business management or relevant industry.
  • Wellbeing – National Certificate in the Management of Health and Well-being at Work OR if the Mentor’s company has a Workplace Wellbeing Charter.
  • Mindfulness – Certificate from a teacher training course e.g. Certification in Mindfulness Teaching or degree level in Psychology or similar.
  • DBS checked where support for safeguarding is required.
  • ISO 20700 Guidelines in Management Consultancy.