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Ken Christy Retail
Retail Consultant
United Kingdom
20+ Years experience
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Starting my career in Retail provided me with the foundation to my commercial awareness. My width of retail management experience ranges across Supermarkets, Department Stores, Fashion Multiples and Village / Farm Shops.At Department Stores I learnt the need to develop and implement change management. In Nationwide fashion multiple retailing I recognised the value of team building to achieve strong sales growth. Working in the Rural Economy has allowed me to develop creative thinking in the merchandising and range development of fresh food.My time in the Print Industry sharpened both my negotiation skills, and learnt me the need for strict budgetary control. My transition to self employment as an independent consultant has sharpened my use of time management. As a volunteer Business Mentor for the Prince's Trust I have the satisfaction of seeing young people achieve their business ambition.
So these are the skills that I can offer you.


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