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Connect your organisation to talent in the community

We break down social barriers to the workplace through mentoring programmes and work experience opportunities for local students
Student Mentoring

How it works

We upskill the employees of our partner companies to become effective mentors for young people, preparing them to deliver 1-2-1 mentoring sessions for local students, in the lead-up to work experience opportunities at the partner companies themselves.
Student mentoring process
1. Teams undergo mentor training
Participating staff take part in a mentor training workshop prior to the programme, in order to develop mentorship skills
Student mentoring process 2
2. Staff & students are matched
Wiseup pair employee & students based on personality and career aspirations
Student mentoring process 3
3. Mentoring sessions begin
Wiseup organises for mentees and mentors to meet virtually and in-person to develop a professional relationship
Student mentoring process 4
4. Work experience in the organisation
Wiseup works with partner organisations to facilitate an impactful work experience placement
Keep the relationship going
5. Keep the relationship going!
The students become part of the Wiseup community and we keep them connected to our partner organisations for years to come

Our vision

Student Mentoring 3

To dismantle social barriers to the workplace

Our programmes are designed to demystify the world of work and equip young people with their very first professional network.

  • Students are instilled with a sense of confidence and equipped with new skills learnt in the workplace itself
  • Social barriers are combatted through unprecedented access to the workplace, giving them an advantage and informing their real-life options

Sponsor local students

Our goal is to change the way young people access the workplace, in a world where there are multiple barriers to entry.

We're proudly partnered with multiple colleges in the wider Manchester & London area, meaning we can tap into a pool of over 25,000 students who are eager to learn all about the world of work.

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For companies

  • Support students from your local community that feel they are not connected to workplace opportunities through personal networks
  • Identify future talent first-hand and keep in touch with those that fit your culture
  • Develop mentoring skills amongst your staff and create a mentoring community within your organisation
  • Tailor your future recruitment strategy to the next generation of talent by sharing industry insight with young people from all backgrounds
  • Improve communication and empathy between all ages, closing generational gaps in your workplace
Student Mentoring 4

For schools

For education providers

  • Our programmes are designed to demystify the world of work and equip young people with their very first professional network.
  • We partner with schools, colleges and universities to identify students who feel they do not have the personal connections to gain an advantage in their early career, but are curious and determined to explore their potential.
  • Development of long-lasting mentoring relationships that shape a young person's professional journey
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