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The Pathfinder Programme

Work experience and mentorship programmes for students

Supporting the next generation

Our mentorship programmes are for any organisation interested in promoting environmental and social responsibility and DEI in the workplace. We work to enhance a company's ESG agenda and business impact by training staff to mentor young people ahead of a work placement.

Mentoring young adults gives your staff the opportunity to shape a young person's life, whilst developing crucial mentoring and workplace skills required for effective leadership in their roles.

Business mentorship programmes such as the Pathfinder Programme are set to transform the future of the workplace.

Pathfinder programme for organisations

The current situation

Programme stats 3
90% of students believe that work placements are important or very important in deciding their career
Programme stats
Meanwhile, over three quarters of employers are having problems finding and keeping employees
Programme stats ESG principles
48% of business owners feel they could improve their corporate social responsibility policy

Upskill your teams as mentors for young people

Make a social impact in your community, nurture future talent & improve your corporate social responsibility policy
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Support disconnected students
Become a student's first professional network and close the gap to the workplace
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Discover future talent in your community
Give students from all backgrounds a chance to showcase their talent
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Create a mentorship culture
Develop mentoring skills amongst your teams to benefit them in their roles

The impact on your organisation

Organisation programmes 2
Partner companies actively contribute to improving the social mobility of young people in the community through early-career recruitment strategies for all backgrounds
Organisation programmes 1
Simplify talent acquisition & reduce recruitment costs, by taking on mentees that fit your culture from work experience participants to members of apprenticeship programmes
Organisation programmes 5
Elevate your company’s corporate social responsibility policy, ensuring your strategy is tailored towards the ‘social’ in ESG
Organisation programmes 4
Unlock the power of mentoring amongst your people, and actively contribute to resolving the disconnect between many young people and the workplace

The impact on mentors

School programmes 1
Close the generational communications gap, as mentors develop rapport with the next generation and empathise with the challenges they now face in the new world of work
School programmes 2
Participants gain new mentoring capabilities and workplace skills by harnessing core personal development skills such as communication, active listening, giving feedback and relationship-building
School programmes 3
Mentors actively contribute to improving social mobility in the community, enriching their purpose in society
School programmes 4
Mentors have the opportunity to experience and contribute to their company's ESG initiatives first-hand
School programmes 5
Mentors are inspired to deliver more mentoring in the future and expand their impact

The Pathfinder Programme

Break down social barriers to the workplace – mentor young people in your area.

Pathfinder Programme 2

Programme stages

Programme info 1
Student engagement
  • • We work with our education partners and partner companies to identify and engage a group of students to embark on the programme.
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Mentor selection
  • • Employees of the partner companies opt in to become mentors.
  • • Wiseup gathers key information on the mentor's experience and industry specialisms.
  • • Wiseup selects pool of mentors to deliver the programme.
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Mentor training
  • • Wiseup shares the latest best practices of effective mentoring for young people, gathered over 3 years of running a professional mentoring platform and supporting our education partners.
  • • Run through group exercises built on real world scenarios of mentoring young adults.
  • • Explore principles surrounding dei in the workplace.
  • • Wiseup provides further guidance material to arm mentors with key principles, techniques and activities to deliver great mentoring.
Programme info 4
  • • Our education partners provide information on the goals and aspirations of student participants.
  • • Wiseup matches each student with a suitable mentor based on their ambitions and personality traits.
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Mentoring & Work Experience
  • • Wiseup facilitates the delivery of an agreed number of 1-2-1 mentoring sessions.
  • • Wiseup supports the organisation of impactful work experience opportunities at partner company.
  • • Wiseup facilitates further mentoring sessions following work experience to solidify learnings and inform next steps.
Programme info 6
  • • Wiseup maintains and manages the relationship between the students and partner companies, by keeping track of their progress and communicating real opportunities for those beginning their careers in the years to come.
  • •Continue expanding your company’s environmental and social responsibility by opening doorways to programme alumni.

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