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The Pathfinder Programme's impact is far reaching

And yet our work is far from over - we champion youth mentorship as we know the true value a mentor and mentee relationship can have on a young person’s life.
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What is The Pathfinder Programme?

We partner with companies to deliver a diverse range of mentor services, including:
Programme impact icon mentoring
At least 5 mentoring sessions between students and members of staff at our partner companies
Programme impact icon work experience
Work experience
A bespoke work experience opportunity takes place at the partner company after mentoring session 2
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Alumni network
The Mentor-mentee pairs and our business partners can remain connected beyond the programme for further opportunities

Transforming social class mobility in the UK

Our vision is to pair mentees with workplace mentors at some of the UK’s most dynamic companies. These mentorship opportunities will empower the mentees in the lead-up to a work experience week.

The impact of social inequality in the UK continues to rise, meaning youth mentoring programmes have never been so important. Our UK mentors can thus make a huge impact on their mentees at a pivotal time in their lives.

An example programme at a glance

Mentee feedback

Discover the many ways in which a mentor and mentee relationship can transform lives
Sundus 2
"I felt very comfortable with my mentor, like we can talk about anything and I don't feel nervous. She really helps me explore my options and ask any questions I want."
"They (mentors) helped me improve as a person and opened my eyes a bit more towards life and the world."
"I'm more certain of what sector I would like to go into. I was also uncertain about my path after sixth form, but she has helped me educate myself in all paths."
Lena feedback
"My mentor has helped me understand that the field of work is not as intimidating as I perceived."

Key findings

% of students felt more confident about their future careers
% of students found their mentoring a transformative experience

Mentor feedback

Partner 3
"Thank you to the wonderful students of SBUA for bringing your energy and enthusiasm to our work experience week. You all deserve the world. I look forward to next year!"
Partner 1
"What a week we had, hosting 5 mentees for work experience. With amazing mentoring coaching prior to the week from Wiseup we were able to coach these amazing group of people that all have very bright futures."
Partner 2
"I got on really well with my mentee, we could relate a lot. It's my favourite thing that I've done!"

Impact on students

Individual Impact 1
Boosting career confidence
Breaking down negative perceptions of personal workplace skills and potential
Individual Impact 2
Developing workplace skills
Mentees are able to learn critical employability skills through their workplace mentors
Individual Impact 6
Career guidance
Mentor-mentee relationships directly address student’s career aspirations with insights and guidance
Individual Impact 4
Social class mobility
Youth mentoring programmes help to create new career pathways, promoting social mobility

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Programme partners

An award-winning Social Enterprise

In February 2024, Wiseup took home the Silver Award in the Positive Impact category at the London Chamber's SME Business Awards. We're thrilled to have been recognised for our mentor services and our impact on young people.

Together, with a vast array of UK mentors and businesses, it is our goal to continue our work dismantling social barriers in the workplace. With the value of mentor-mentee guidance continuing to be recognised, and the impact of social inequality routinely tackled, the future of the UK’s next generation of talent is looking very bright.

Learn more about our recognition for our youth mentorship programmes.

Sme London Business Awards winner

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We're proud to have played a part in transforming the lives of the UK's future workforce. Discover the impact of our programmes below.

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