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Break down social barriers to the workplace

Mentoring programmes & work experience for 16-18 year old students
Pathfinder programme for schools

Our vision

"It's not what you know, it's who you know" is a principle of networking that leaves people behind.

Our aim is to help young people from all walks of life gain insight into the world of work, regardless of their personal networks or circumstances. We’re transforming the world of mentoring in the UK with the Pathfinder Programme.

Mentors for youth can be transformative

Who its for 1
A mentor's story and experience inspires a student's first steps into their career
Who its for 4
Social barriers are combatted through unprecedented access to the workplace, giving them an advantage and informing their real-life options
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Student perceptions of organisations and different industries are improved by understanding that these workplaces are for everyone
Who its for 3
An alumni-style network for students connects young people to their first professional network whilst giving them access to the latest career opportunities
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Students are instilled with a sense of confidence and new skills learnt in the workplace itself

Youth mentoring programmes: why they’re needed

Reflecting on the current situation
Programme stats
78% of employers believe graduates who had completed work placement were more skilled than those who had not
Programme stats 2
However, work placement opportunities have declined by 25% since 2020
Programme stats 3
While 90% of students believe that work placements are important or very important in deciding their career

The Pathfinder Programme

Break down social barriers to the workplace through mentoring programmes for youth. Mentoring in the UK has previously only been accessible to those with existing familial networks, leaving many young people out of the equation. Discover the transformative impact our London mentors had on their mentees in one of last year’s programmes.

Pathfinder Programme 2

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Our background

We have been running our own professional mentoring platform since 2019, and built a community of 150+ Wiseup mentors.

Along the way, we have learnt what truly impactful mentoring looks like. We have delivered mentoring programmes for young people, supporting such partners as The Manchester College and The Kickstart Scheme.

Our recent programmes around the UK have allowed Manchester and London mentors to truly make an impact on the lives of young people. Thanks to our network of education providers, we’re set to support even more students around the UK in 2024 and beyond.

Mentoring youth has never been so important; there are countless barriers in place for many young people. Through youth mentor programmes, the next generation of talent can take their first steps towards their dream careers.

Our education partners

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