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Adrian Elford Marketing & Advertising
Head of Marketing for Beatchain Limited | Owner of
United Kingdom
16 - 20 Years experience
Price Tier - ££


Every day we learn new things. Everybody needs help. Two eyes are better than one. The cliches could go on. The real truth is that having somebody to bounce off, and discuss goals with, can be a real boost to your productivity and lower your stress levels!

I have a huge amount of marketing experience, mostly online now, of course, but retain the old-school marketing skills offline too!

I'd be delighted to help others with strategic direction, creative ideas, outreach, lead generation and the best use of systems/tools BUT also to help those progress through their career in marketing. It is a very competitive market place and those with the energy, insight and understanding of the bigger picture mentality can go further down their career path by standing out.

I am very happy to advise on this part of things. Anybody can be good or expert level at a lot of the marketing niches such as PPC, social media, websites/SEO and automation but it is how you use knowledge to bring positive outcomes to a business's bottom line that resonates best with the senior management!

I have vast knowledge in acquiring leads via multiple channels through to nurturing campaigns and advocacy. I have successfully implemented fully automated marketing systems as well as undertaken full social media campaigns, multi-touch email campaigns, partnerships, SEO, PPC and referrals.

My key strength is getting into the mindset of the customer and developing a meaningful and consistent journey that resonates with them at all levels.

I am at home with B2C, B2B and B2B2C.

I am a father of 3 sons; 21, 19 and 16. If I can deal with them on a daily basis I am ready for anything!

Give me a shout. I am friendly, engaging and believe even the most serious journeys require a modicum of humour.

All the best on your venture.



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