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Andy Kowalski Profile Photo
Andy Kowalski Career Coaching
Freelance STEM Coach & Mentor
United Kingdom
6 - 10 Years experience
Price Tier - ££

Hi, I'm Andy

My role is to help you to get back on track with your career especially if you have been affected by redundancy or furlough issues which have affected the progress of your career!
Your success is my mission!
I am an International and Accredited STEM Coach and Mentor who has helped many individuals working in this area in the past.
Being bilingual, I was able to guide newly arrived Poles who had career challenges on arrival. I am accredited by CPD Standards office as a Coach of Excellence for my services and membership number is CE33044
Having had coaching and mentoring personally, I know that this form of personal development helps so I want to reach out and help others!
Have also worked with the Brightside Trust & Social Mobility Foundation and mentored those sent to me to guide them during their A level studies in STEM subjects.
My specialty is Chemistry, I’ve spent over 40 years working in the HEI sector in a number of Technical and Management roles. I can also offer support in H&S and business planning as well as improving LinkedIn profiles.
I am currently working with the Royal Society of Chemistry Careers Service, whilst supporting two postgraduates in Cameroon & Uganda on their career journeys and also have 4 undergraduates at Loughborough University whom I am currently guiding. I am prepared to help other mentees outside of the STEM area and have done so for others living overseas.
I can help the following:
• Those who have lost their jobs as a result of post Covid/Furlough and staff restructuring issues and have been made unfortunately redundant!
• Young graduates who are looking to step up after being in initial roles after graduation!
• Experienced professionals looking to move higher in their organization or move to another role within their discipline!
• Those who are considering early retirement or even going freelance as consultants!
• Individuals considering setting up own businesses in close or related areas to those they are currently working in.
• My services are principally aimed at Graduates, Masters and Doctorates working in STEM areas but willing to help anyone else working in other areas ie Management, HR, H&S and Technical.
Why not contact me now for a Virtual Coffee to discuss your opportunities and make the most of your qualifications and expertise!
I have helped many others so can do the same for you!
This includes those working overseas in African states, India ,Pakistan & Poland

Why not check out our recent videos on Instagram and see how they could help you and your organization thrive in the post Pandemic era

Have received very recently a great accolade from one of my mentees in Kenya and this is visible on my LinkedIn profile in the featured section, why not check it out


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Virtual Coffee
Chat to this Mentor and discuss what you can get out of their services. Get to know each other over a 30 minute phone or video call.
Virtual Coffee
Chat to this Mentor and discuss what you can get out of their services. Get to know each other over a 30 minute phone or video call.
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Career Breakthrough Session
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