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Diane Titterton Health, Wellness & Fitness
Founder of Time to Flourish
United Kingdom
20+ Years experience
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I am a Mindfulness Coach and Business Mentor.

I’ve worked in corporate, spending 11 years as an entrepreneur when I invented a children's potty training product, developed the prototype, patented & launched it in all the major supermarkets in the UK & in the USA.

I have also been a voluntary business mentor for the Prince's Trust & balanced this with being a Mum and organising a busy family life.

Now I’m following my passion & purpose which is to combine all the best bits and skills I’ve learned into helping others to perform to the best of their ability at work and at home.

Our success in business is largely dependent on both IQ and emotional intelligence, which determines our ability to lead people and make good decisions, while still managing our own health and wellbeing to prevent stress and burnout.

What do I do?

I have found that mentees I've worked with often need a sounding board for business decisions but they can also benefit from having someone to help coach them through decision making and help to ensure they stay physically and mentally fit.

These skills help entrepreneurs realise your full potential and create the vision you have within.

I help you take control back of your biggest asset, your mind, & to have more clarity around drivers & blocks. I facilitate self-enquiry and show how to develop the area of the brain that enables higher functioning, creativity, & overall emotional intelligence.

This allows high achievers to focus their energy where you will get the best results, happiness & fulfillment.

Are you striving to perform at your best, but maybe you fall short due to:
► Decision paralysis
► Workload overwhelm
► Juggling work with the demands of a family
► The incessant whirling of your mind
► Critical inner voice
► Fear of not getting it right first time

How can I help?
► I teach how to take control & responsibility back & stop self-sabotaging
► I help identify any blocks holding you back
► I show how to be more effective with your time
► I explain how to switch off the stress response
► I help you increase the quality of your relationships
► I work with you to set & achieve goals aligned with your values, passion & purpose.


Virtual Coffee
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Startup Kickstarter Workshop
1 hour virtual workshop for prospective or current small business owners. Review your business plan, discuss key business topics and work on a 5-point key action plan to kickstart your business.
Business Growth Workshop
1 hour virtual workshop for SME business owners looking to grow their business. Review your business plan, identify growth areas and work on a 5-point key action plan with this Mentor.
Business Mentoring Scheme
1 hour phone or video call with your Mentor every month, for a minimum of 3 months. Keep growing your business and continue on the same monthly rate after the initial 3 months!
£179.99 Per month
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