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Maddie Brindley-Slater Profile Photo
Maddie Brindley-Slater Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Manager
United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Maddie


10 / 10

I have been having sessions with Sila for the past 6 months and have found them to be really useful. Having access to a marketing expert has been invaluable for me as I develop in my role, having sole responsibility for Wiseup’s marketing. Sometimes you just need someone else in your field to run things by. Because of her brilliant input, whenever I’ve had a session I come away feeling motivated and full of confidence. Sila is very thorough and will often bring ideas and topics to the table ahead of our sessions, so we always have lots to talk about, which is really helpful. I’ve really appreciated her openness with her time & resources – time is always well spent, with lots to take away and to think about. Her inbox has always been open for additional queries and support outside of our sessions as well. It’s been great receiving inspiring and honest feedback on the ideas I’ve bounced off her. Finally, Sila is very friendly and easy to chat with! She’s down-to-earth, which makes sharing thoughts and ideas (without fear of judgement) very easy. Thank you Sila.

Sila Nur Isik
Sila Nur Isik
United Kingdom
10 / 10

I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Christelle, finding them to be very useful for both my career & personal development. From the get-go, I have found her to be warm, friendly & easy to talk to, which instantly put me at ease. Christelle’s feedback on a range of topics has been invaluable & her openness about her own experiences has also been great. I’ve always left my sessions feeling inspired & like it was time well spent. Thanks, Christelle!

Christelle Kerouedan
Christelle Kerouedan
United Kingdom
Reply from Christelle Kerouedan
Thanks Maddie, it’s been a pleasure supporting you over the last months, can’t wait to see what you get up to, keep in touch!