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Sila Nur Isik Digital Marketing
United Kingdom
11 - 15 Years experience
Price Tier - ££


As someone who has been ambitiously building brands, improving products and passionately helping people achieve their goals, Sila has 10+ years of experience in multiple marketing disciplines, delivering projects to leading brands and startups to help with their digital journeys. She ran her own creative digital advertising agency Mind The Ad in London for 5 years, where she has led a high performing and multidisciplinary team of specialists and managing multiple sector client projects from idea initiation to delivery.

While juggling multiple projects, she was always curious about global trends, different markets and ecosystems around the world, so in 2015 she wanted to get on a journey to find where opportunity is the strongest for launching new products and services. She has been selected among 25,000+ applicants to participate in the inaugural Remote Year program, where she had the chance to travel to 12 different countries in Europe, Asia and South America. As a digital nomad, she has connected with 90+ entrepreneurs and startups, and 5 incubators/accelerators (Google Launchpad, Startup Malaysia, Startup Chile, Startup Peru and Wayra), given numerous industry presentations, and mentored to launch and improve startups around the world.

Recently came back from this world trip bringing a global network and perspective, she is now a creative technology consultant for advertising agencies, offering "creative technology as a service" to connect advertising agencies with the most exciting technologies on the planet.


Virtual Coffee
Chat to this Mentor and discuss what you can get out of their services. Get to know each other over a 30 minute phone or video call.
Career Accelerator Workshop
1 hour virtual workshop discussing your career development! Work on a 5-point key action plan to accelerate your career.
Startup Kickstarter Workshop
1 hour virtual workshop for businesses in their first 2 years. Review your business plan, discuss key business topics and work on a 5-point key action plan to kickstart your business.
Business Growth Workshop
1 hour virtual workshop for SME business owners looking to grow their business. Review your business plan, identify growth areas and work on a 5-point key action plan with this Mentor.
Business Mentoring Scheme
Book your mentor for 1 to 5 hours per month, for a minimum of 3 months. Keep growing your business and continue on the same monthly rate after the initial 3 months!
£229.99 Per hour, per month
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10 / 10

Originally Sila and I were scheduled for a face-to-face workshop but that proved impossible due to lockdown restrictions. Our eventual virtual session was very useful with Sila giving us honest analysis of areas we wanted to develop, specifically our agency positioning, credentials and our own digital marketing. Highly recommended.

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Stephen Merry
United Kingdom

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