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Ruth Sacks Business Management
Business Owner, Consultant & Academic
United Kingdom
20+ Years experience
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Thanks for looking at my profile
I've had a portfolio career - a journey of different routes & milestones.I've lived and worked in Europe and also worked in the USA, Morocco, Lebanon, Oman.
I've run my own company and worked across the public, private and voluntary sector. I've also worked for a contruction/consultancy firm in the UK.
I've learnt that careers and lives don't go in straight lines and sometimes a hole can actually be an opportunity to look up and make changes.

I mentor those who have started on their careers and are uncertain about next steps, Some people have hit a brick wall and want to know how to smash through it... We work on the best tools to do this!
I also m mentor people working on their start-ups, scale-ups and those who are thinking of setting up a business.

Mostly I mentor women but not exclusively ...
I've recently run some workshops on Imposter Syndrome and ways to manage how you feel about it.
I am passionate about leadership abnd how we all have the capability and capacity to be leaders, formally or informally and how that impacts on our relationships at work.

I'm looking to mentor people who want to move forward and make a difference to their professional lives. I don't mind if you don't know what you want to do or how to do it.. we can work on that. If you have a clear idea of your next steps then if I can support you - I will.
I don't 'help' - we work together on finding ways to get you to where you want to be, to find ways of exploring the present & the future. We can be creative & consider ways of addressing risks & opportunities.
The answers have to be yours, I will work with you to look at the options.
I am a safety net and a cheer leader.

Get in touch and let's see if we get on



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9 / 10

Ruth was very understanding and helped with my confidence

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Claire Gibbins
United Kingdom

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