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Samantha Wood Profile Photo
Samantha Wood Education
United Kingdom
20+ Years experience
Price Tier - £

Hi, I'm Samantha

In the field of education there is never a dull moment! It is an exciting, challenging, rewarding and at times exhausting career; offering a unique opportunity to help shape the future of the young people with whom you come into contact with. I have been fortunate to work in education for 32 years, and would be happy to offer guidance and coaching to anyone already working as a teacher or about to set out on this life-enhancing path.

I trained as a Religious Education and History teacher in the Secondary setting, and have also taught Philosophy, Geography, Combined Humanities, Learning to Learn, Critical Thinking and Languages – while the latter is not my area of expertise, it just shows that adaptability is a key skill in this career! As a Head of Faculty, I have provided professional guidance and training for my colleagues; maintained high academic standards with appropriate assessment and support programmes for the students; as well as encouraging parental engagement; and writing the necessary documentation for various audiences. Being a Head of Year provided the highly rewarding, and at times emotionally demanding opportunity to support ‘the whole child’ achieve their academic potential and personal independence while in a nurturing and safe environment.

I was part of the Senior Leadership Team for 13 years, overseeing a variety of diverse areas: Teaching and Learning, Raising Attainment, SMSC, Attainment of the Disadvantaged as well as line managing various departments at different time: PE, Music, IT and Humanities. I have particularly enjoyed delivering training at school, county and international level – the latter in The Gambia.

For the last three years I have worked in Tianjin, China as Head of Boarding, Welfare and Guidance Lead, Internship manager and Head of Well-being. This provided the opportunity to work not just with students from different cultures, but also from each the age of 2 to 20 years.
Teaching requires dedication, creativity, adaptability and responsibility; at times it can feel that you are on constantly juggling, if you feel I can help in any way I would love to hear from you.

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Virtual Coffee
Chat to this Mentor and discuss what you can get out of their services. Get to know each other over a 30 minute phone or video call.
Virtual Coffee
Chat to this Mentor and discuss what you can get out of their services. Get to know each other over a 30 minute phone or video call.
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