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Steven Margrove Profile Photo
Steven Margrove Food & Beverages
In-store Team Member
United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Steven

Previous career as a Structural Engineer working for design consultancies for 6 yrs. I have a MSc in Structural engineering and a BEng in Civil Engineering.
Struggled within the role for a number of years - something didn't seem to be working and also my mental health was being effected.
Left the profession at the back end of 2019 with no other employment to go into and been struggling to figure out what to do with myself since.
Currently working at a local pizza chain store part-time as an in-store member of staff to help pay the bills.
I guess my goal would be to get back into full-time employment doing something more practical ("hands-on").
At the moment I'm low in confidence and have a lack of belief in myself. I guess if a mentor could help with these, that would be great.

10 / 10

I've only had a couple of meetings with Alex so far. However, he has been a very supportive and extremely positive voice during my search for a new career. I've often found myself feeling more motivated and with a greater sense of direction following a call with Alex. I can highly recommend.

Alex Clapson
Alex Clapson
United Kingdom
10 / 10

I've only had a small number of sessions with Leanne however, I've found her to be a very supportive mentor. She's been a great sounding board but most importantly got me moving forward and taking action. Wealth of knowledge when it comes to LinkedIn and really helped me with my profile. If you're stuck career wise Leanne will get you up and moving again.

Leanne Finnigan
Leanne Finnigan
United Kingdom