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Chris Laas Profile Photo
Chris Laas Entrepreneur
Consultant on Business Strategy, Digital & Growth Marketing | Investor | Non-Executive Director
United Kingdom
20+ Years experience
Price Tier - £

Hi, I'm Chris

I have been described as 'trustworthy, supportive, approachable, tenacious, entrepreneurial and a kind and generous leader', however don’t take my word for it, read some of my LinkedIn ( recommendations.

I love helping brands accelerate to resilient growth. I like to keep things simple and I move fast. My strong commercial aptitude compliments my many years’ experience in a wide range of creative, marketing and senior management roles, working in many sectors, servicing both B2C and B2B clients and customers alike. I am passionate about building teams from the ground up - bringing together the right people to help achieve an ambitious vision.

A few notable achievements:

• Founded and managed Etch Growth, the business unit responsible for digital and growth marketing at Etch UK Ltd, growing revenue by 700% over 5 years, to just over £1 million in the last FY. Grew my team from a single staff member to a team of 13 staff in 4 years, while improving the department’s net margin by 65%.

• Bought and managed Kids' Rooms Ltd, a niche, high-end children's furniture and accessories e-commerce business. Grew revenue organically (without any external investment) by 500% over 5 years, to 6-figures, maintaining a profitable balance sheet throughout. Realised a 650% return on my initial investment in Kids’ Rooms when I managed and facilitated the sale of the company to a private UK investor in late 2013.

• Founded the Christmas Café, a homeless café with 100 volunteers serving 60-70 homeless people each day over the Christmas week (leading to a weekly café that has been running for 13 years).

I am always excited to discuss opportunities with:

• Ambitious entrepreneurs just starting out, who want to avoid costly mistakes
• Ambitious entrepreneurs wanting to grow fast and profitably
• Busy leaders wanting to upskill and supercharge their team
• Entrepreneurs looking to buy or sell their business
• Entrepreneurs for potential investment in their business

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