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John-Paul Burke Marketing & Advertising
United Kingdom
16 - 20 Years experience
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A passionate professional who wants to make a genuine difference in everything I do. I am positive, optimistic and believe in always having a plan yet being adaptable as things can change. As Stephen Hawking said "Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change" and the pandemic has put that ability to the test

Over the last 18 years, I have worked in media and gaming. I have been on the agency side at large global media agencies and startups. I have lead negotiations on both sides of the table and coached negation skills.

I was previously Managing Director for the UK, Ireland and Nordics for a global gaming publisher which gave me a fantastic insight into the gaming industry and how to help brands succeed in this space. I now own a Gaming and Digital Media company dealing with top global brands and agencies and advising gaming publishers on how to properly monetise their content.

I believe in people and that by and large they already hold most of the answers they just need someone to help them vocalise it. That is where I come in.
I help people to change their mindset to one of success (I don't class myself as a life coach I just understand people).

I can help those who want to develop their business whether that is in sales marketing or overall strategy. Whether you are seasoned and looking for advice on your next step or new to business and want some guidance, it would be my honour to help you achieve success.

I am a father of 4 wonderful young children under 7 living in South West London. I love my running but not in a bore you to death way. I still game daily. I'm on Xbox One and Switch. Games I am playing are Forza Horizon 4 (for when I'm winding down and just want the sound of an engine to cradle me). I am battling through Marvel Avengers, which may be one of the worst games I have ever played and I have recently got into Minecraft with my children which is amazing.

So get in touch if you would like a virtual coffee and see if we can work as a team to get you to where you are destined to be (that sounds so cheesy even I almost puked writing it...but it's true 😊)


Virtual Coffee
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Career Breakthrough Session
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Career Development Journey
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£175.00 Per hour, per month
Business Breakthrough Session
Got a burning question that needs an answer? Or want to discuss your business with an expert and get some actionable insight? (Book this Expert for a 45 minute session)
Business Development Journey
Want to take your business to the next level, improve your bottom line and achieve your personal goals? (Book this Expert for monthly sessions – minimum 3 months)
£250.00 Per hour, per month
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10 / 10

I'm (obviously) not a huge fan of coaching or one-size-fits-all advice from hustle influencers with millions of followers. I don't believe best businesses are run by people who wake up at 4am, I don't believe in biohacking yourself so you could be productive for 18 hours a day and definitely don't believe in inspirational quotes superimposed over pics of expensive stuff. Yet for the longest time I thought that's all there is when it comes to business advice. Very fortunately, I was wrong. Through Wiseup I got a chance to have a really inspiring chat with John-Paul Burke who's helped me figure out what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong. If you're a business owner bored to death by hustle culture but looking for a mentorship, I could not recommend John-Paul enough!

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MJ Widomska
United Kingdom
10 / 10

Fantastic session with John-Paul. Very generous with his time, contacts and experience. Thank you!

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Edmund Singer-Kingsmith
United Kingdom

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