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Ken Davey Management Consulting
Business Mentor
United Kingdom
20+ Years experience
Price Tier - £££


Ex KPMG and Founder & Managing Director of the Smarter Group of Companies™, Ken is an experienced Corporate and SME sales specialist, with a strong business development, marketing, commercial and financial management background; including an MBA and accountancy qualifications.

His career has been Big Four professional services firms, Blue Chip companies and, several SMEs; with sales, commercial and finance appointments and, twenty years international sales and delivery experience; twelve with KPMG - nine at Director level.

Ken draws on extensive commercial and financial knowledge, and experience from Corporate and SME operations, to support and encourage business managers and owners to grow, develop and succeed in their sphere of business. As such, he helps mentees find the right direction and develop robust solutions, to maximise their business potential and improve their business performance.

If you request the Business Mentoring Scheme, Ken offers two variations:

(a) Business Mentoring Executive Plan - a structured series of three one-hour monthly mentoring sessions for business executives looking for growth or diversification in small businesses – i.e. less than 50 employees and turnover under £10 million.

(b) Business Mentoring Owner/Manager Plan - a structured series of six one-hour monthly mentoring sessions for business owners and managers in micro businesses – i.e. less than 10 employees and turnover under £2 million.

Full details of each plan will be explained during the free Virtual Coffee service.

NOTE: Ken works with companies across all five stages of business growth:

1. Planning | 2. Proof of Concept | 3. Launch | 4. Growth | 5. Diversification.


Virtual Coffee
Chat to this Mentor and discuss what you can get out of their services. Get to know each other over a 30 minute phone or video call.
Executive Mentoring Scheme
For senior management or board-level professionals. Book your mentor for 1 to 5 hours per month, for a minimum of 3 months.
£279.99 Per hour, per month
Business Mentoring Scheme
Book your mentor for 1 to 5 hours per month, for a minimum of 3 months. Keep growing your business and continue on the same monthly rate after the initial 3 months!
£279.99 Per hour, per month
All prices listed include VAT.


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