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Lenna Lou Profile Photo
Lenna Lou Tech Startups
Founder / NED / Advisor / Business Mentor
United Kingdom
16 - 20 Years experience
Price Tier - £££

Hi, I'm Lenna

I am a driven business consultant proficient in transforming commercial ambitions into robust operational infrastructures and results. My primary focus is to leverage adaptability and entrepreneurial insight to deliver, create innovative business strategies to help organisations reach a global potential and audience. I am also an international business mentor/career mentor.

I have worked across several industries and operate on a consultative approach to ensure collaborative success from the ground up. I’m also experienced in leading teams and organisations to work towards enhanced performance and a shared ethos and vision; supporting them in maximising their opportunities to excel.

I have been a business mentor with Cherie Blair Foundation, UCL (Accelerated Programme), and Women In FinTech.

I mentor startups or SMEs individuals/businesses in guiding them to meet their ideal clients and facilitate effective partnerships. As well as with my experience in running various companies advise them on operations, customer journey, BD to increase their global reach and potential.

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