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Mark Jarvis Marketing & Advertising
Business Mentor and Coach
United Kingdom
20+ Years experience
Price Tier - ££

Hi, I'm Mark

Mark works with business owners, partners, managers, leaders and teams so they can integrate and communicate more effectively to reach their goals, helping them to work only on smart things, with the right people at the right time.
Using the strategies and tactics he has created, he helps businesses develop a plan that brings a flow of better targeted business opportunities.

Mark is a self-styled business consultant, teacher, mentor, coach and problem solver, helping individuals and teams become more successful faster than they thought they could.

Mark has a career journey of over 40 years including 20 years in hospitality management and over 20 years starting, building, selling and investing in businesses across the UK.

Mark has brought millions of pounds worth of business into the local economy by helping businesses save time and build profits.

Mark has a passion for helping businesses grow to become thriving mature businesses by sharing the secrets to better business because just getting more business is not always the answer.

Mark works with successful businesses as they grow using an innovative way of thinking that brings change and inspires growth. His insights and wisdom in relationship marketing brings better quality business opportunities to all businesses that are committed to their future.


Problem Solving
Business Plan

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Virtual Coffee
Chat to this Mentor and discuss what you can get out of their services. Get to know each other over a 30 minute phone or video call.
Virtual Coffee
Chat to this Mentor and discuss what you can get out of their services. Get to know each other over a 30 minute phone or video call.
Business Breakthrough Session

Book your expert of choice for a personal 45 minute 1-2-1 session. (Each customer has a limit of one breakthrough session per expert)

A breakthrough session is a chance to get insight from a business expert in to your business or a new idea. Talk about where your business is currently at and where you want it to be.

A breakthrough session is for anyone who wants to:

  • Identify the key goal for their business
  • Gain an idea of their next step
  • Gain motivation
  • Gain some confidence
  • Talk to a business sounding board
  • Get answers to a specific question or problem
  • Chat to another wonderful human being!

Phone and video calls available.

Business Breakthrough Session
Got a burning question that needs an answer? Or want to discuss your business with an expert and get some actionable insight? (Book this Expert for a 45 minute session) More
Business Development Journey

Book your expert of choice for personal 1-2-1 sessions each month and select the number of hours per month. (The Development Journey is for a minimum of 3 months)

During the Development Journey, you and your chosen expert will work together to grow your business, whilst combating any problems and exploiting any potential opportunities.

This journey is for anyone who wants to:

  • Identify the strengths of their business and develop them
  • Identify key goals/KPIs for their business
  • Increase their confidence
  • Improve business performance and growth
  • Improve decision making and avoid crucial mistakes
  • Improve networking opportunities
  • Increase profits
  • Achieve personal development alongside their business
  • Focus

Invest in yourself!

Phone and video calls available.

Business Development Journey
Want to take your business to the next level, improve your bottom line and achieve your personal goals? (Book this Expert for monthly sessions – minimum 3 months) More
£200.00 Per hour, per month
All prices listed include VAT.
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