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Mark Ashton Tech Startups
Performance Coach - Founders & Teams
United Kingdom
20+ Years experience
Price Tier - ££


Since 1997 I've given strategic insight and practical support to leaders and management teams of scientific, tech, engineering, manufacturing and professional services companies. I use facts, data and original thinking to resolve their toughest business and people problems.

I forged my leadership methods running a tech sales and service business in the USA for 5 years. It grew from $6m to $20m whilst I confronted disruptive external and internal issues.

These days I develop leaders and teams, help them make better decisions, build stronger business relationships, grow sales and establish and sustain successful transatlantic and other businesses.

I've studied in depth the radical attitudes and behaviours of the most consistently profitable companies. I'm passionate about implanting these great habits to enable leaders, future leaders and companies to be the best they can be, especially when under stress.


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