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Rehan Javed Career Coaching
Corporate and Executive Coach
United Kingdom
20+ Years experience
Price Tier - £££
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Hi, I'm Rehan

I empower people and organisation to significantly increase their performance capabilities in order to achieve worthwhile goals and purposes. I take a pragmatic results oriented approach, where the absolute focus is on people and their desired outcomes.

• I coach people/teams who believe in their potential and know that they can achieve more than they are currently achieving.
• My clients have a clear goal or willing to create one and are seriously committed to take actions in order to fulfil their ambitions.
• Through out the coaching process I challenge my clients to come out of their comfort zone, adjust their thinking patterns to highlight obstacles so that they can maximise their performance.
• My clients acquire facts and develop skills and behaviour not by being taught or told but by discovering from within stimulated by coaching.
• Our potential lies between what is and what could be.

Before setting up my own coaching business I served in business organisations at management/leadership level where I oversaw people with diverse backgrounds, mindsets, behaviours, skills and development challenges.

I noticed that despite having the right appetite to grow, people routinely fell short of reaching their full potential or would deliberately give up. Not having a meaning and purpose, lack of lucidity about personal/team values and vision, didn’t only cause burn outs and despair at an individual level but also compromised the cohesiveness of teams which ultimately lowered the performance. I witnessed many very talented people abandoning their career ambitions because the right kind of conditions and environment which could inspire growth was at least mislaid if not absent entirely.

In 2017, I finally chose Coaching as a profession. Because I recognised that if we are to achieve real performance improvement, evolution is the key and Coaching is the mechanism of transformation.

I work with specific individuals and teams in professional organisations (mainly at leadership & management level) in a non-critical and non-judgemental way to improve their performance, possibilities and sustainability within the corporate environment.

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