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Stephen Chandler Life Coaching
Coach & Mentor, NED, Marketer
United Kingdom
20+ Years experience
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I am a Coach and Mentor, with particular passion, experience and interest in the creative industries, and the people driving the creative agenda.

I believe in building an environment of trust for my clients - through non-judgemental active listening and empathy - that stimulates and encourages self-reflection, enlightenment, focus and direction... and answers!

And that is all with the aim of helping to improve the results (and lives) of my clients, both on a personal basis and in a business context... I help unlock ambitious, practical and effective solutions to the challenges YOU face.

I'm a highly effective sounding board, and I constantly strive to help people overcome their challenges and achieve their goals and dreams.

Having studied Psychology at university, I originally trained as a pilot, before starting a career in advertising management; first with network agencies such as Ogilvy, GGT and JWT, and then latterly with my own agencies. In total, I have founded, run and exited four advertising agencies and one gaming company.

I now run my own Coaching & Mentoring consultancy – serving many one-to-one clients, and several significant corporate clients. I am also the Non-Exec Chair of two start-ups.

My side-hustle is writing and recording music (that is arguably too influenced by the 80s), and I live in south-east London with my wife and daughter.


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10 / 10

Stephen is an fantastic mentor. I have just finished my first block of sessions with Stephen. He is charismatic, amazingly knowledgeable, vastly experienced in so many areas and overall just really great to bounce issues and ideas off. I highly recommend Stephen!

Carla Walker's Profile Photo
Carla Walker
United Kingdom
10 / 10

Even after a few sessions with Stephen I already have a few tricks up my sleeve for developing new business. I have also felt an improvement in my own confidence. If you are looking to improve your confidence, focus and imposter syndrome, I would recommend having an initial chat with Stephen.

Mark Skinner's Profile Photo
Mark Skinner
United Kingdom
10 / 10

After a few weeks of post redundancy despondency my session with Stephen was such a boost. A great guy, very engaging and a good listener. Kept my attention from the start, lots of sound advice & great ideas. And he was firm, never accepting maybe, gently demanding action. I came away more confident and re-energised. This is exactly what I needed and am grateful for it. If I ever need inspiration and a bit of guidance in the future I know exactly where to come.

10 / 10

I’m running a marketing agency which is going through a growth phase. Having several challenges to deal with everything from task prioritisation to a client and team management, I was looking for solid support in terms of coaching/mentorship. After having a virtual coffee with Stephen I already felt I had a bunch of really valuable insights to take and implement straight away. In my view, Stephen has to offer a perfect combination of an experienced entrepreneur and a professional life coach that gives a much more holistic approach to some of the things we talk about… I like that we can go deep on personal challenges as well as cover very specific business-related questions. At the end of the day, it all comes down one’s mindset. So anyone who’s looking to grow personally and as a result impact their business growth should at least have a coffee with Stephen!

Romans Ivanovs's Profile Photo
Romans Ivanovs
United Kingdom
10 / 10

Stephen has been really helpful and offered great advice which has helped me put a plan in place for where I would like my career to be in the next six months. I would highly recommend him as a coach!

Alex Fjerdingstad's Profile Photo
Alex Fjerdingstad
United Kingdom
10 / 10

This one-off session with Stephen was much needed. Stephen really really helped me talk through a situation that was really playing on my mind and I feel a lot lighter and equipped with tools to tackle the issue head on now! Stephen's knowledge and experience combined makes his advice excellent!

Carla Walker's Profile Photo
Carla Walker
United Kingdom
10 / 10

I've just finished my 12 mentor sessions with Stephen, which we've had over the last 4 months. I can't thank him enough for everything he's helped and guided me with. He's very engaging, knowledgeable and motivating. Providing great advice in every session and helping me both professionally, to build my first marketing strategy from scratch, along with campaign execution. But also personally to become more self-aware, boost my confidence in a work environment and promote my personal brand. I hope to keep in contact in the future and would 100% recommend working with Stephen.

Phoebe Pickles's Profile Photo
Phoebe Pickles
United Kingdom
10 / 10

Stephen knows how to follow my "clients" agenda and introduce the right techniques and tools to make my growth more intense and noticeable. This is what I've missed the most throughout my daily life when I was on my own. From a human design perspective, Stephen's work, questions, and suggestions triggered the right responses in me. Which is the only right growth strategy for me as a man with the personality of Manifesting Generator. Thank you Stephen

Jeff Badaev's Profile Photo
Jeff Badaev
United Kingdom

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