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Vegas Ho Profile Photo
Vegas Ho Professional Training & Coaching
Founder & Head Consultant
Hong Kong
11 - 15 Years experience
Price Tier - £

Hi, I'm Vegas

I am a performance and transition coach, founder of Roots & Ripples, a boutique talent consultancy in Hong Kong. My role is to enable driven and ambitious individuals, who want and is ready, to take their career and business to the next level by transforming their potential into maximum performance.

As a Certified Trainer in DiSC, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Points of You, and Coaching, I have served professionals across Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Dubai, London, Canada, and the United States.

Reach out to me if the following excites you:

1. Maximize your career growth
Do you feel stuck in your career?
Or maybe you are not where you belong?
Are you driven, ambitious, and keen to take your career forward as fast as you can?

With 10 years of experience in the corporate space, going from a fresh graduate with no career clarity to the Asia department head for one of Financial Times nominated Fastest Growing Companies. I have been promoted at least every two years in my career and have always been a valued performer.

As your mentor, we will work together on a 3 step process to maximize your career growth:
- Seeing the "star" in you - what is unique about you as a talent? what are your strengths, passions, goals?
- Identifying the "stage" for you - what environment/industry/culture do you thrive best?
- Getting the "spotlight" on you - what do you need to do to showcase your USP? what skills are missing? what's holding you back?

A star always chooses the stage that showcases them best, not the other way round.

2. Build your side hustle
In this modern world, agility and flexibility is king.
Are you looking to build your side hustle?
Do you have a passion and are curious to see if it can be monetized?

I am a slasher, I have started a side hustle and in 6 months turned that into a full-time gig. Yes, it was hard, it was painful, and I went on (many) wrong paths, that's why I'm here.

As your mentor, we will work together to define your target audience, build your offering, and find your first paid client all while balancing other responsibilities you have in life. I am keen to share my unfiltered experience, blood, sweat, tears, and joy on the journey in building a side hustle (or full-time business)!

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