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Grow Your Small Business With A Marketing Mentor

Chantelle Argent
8 August 2020

Finding a mentor is proven to help entrepreneurs scale up their small business’, with 92% of small business owners agreeing that mentors have a direct impact on the growth and survival of their business, according to Forbes.

For small businesses, marketing is a common area of difficulty, and the difference between great marketing and mediocre marketing can be make or break. Here’s how a marketing mentor can help:

Have An Expert In Your Corner

As a small business owner, you may be an expert in your industry but that doesn’t necessarily make you a great marketer. As the commercial climate grows ever more crowded, the world of marketing must develop at an equal rate to find new ways of keeping people engaged. Long story short – there is a lot to learn about marketing.

Luckily, strengthening your marketing strategy doesn’t mean having to suddenly cram several years’ worth of knowledge into a few weeks or months. A marketing mentor is someone who has first-hand experience in marketing a business and can help you stay ahead of competition, avoid costly mistakes, and master the technical processes.

Having a marketing mentor gives you the ability to look into the future of your small business. Your mentor will likely have faced all the common marketing pitfalls and will be in a good position to predict which strategies will work for you and which are likely to fail.

Keep The Costs Down

The dream is for your business to have its own dedicated and self-sufficient marketing resource, but this luxury often comes with a hefty price tag. While your business is still small, seeking help from a marketing mentor is a great alternative that will not cost your business a small fortune.

You may still have to do a lot of the leg work, but you will have an experienced and affordable advisor guiding you through the process and offering tailored solutions to help you to grow your engagement and hit your targets much faster.


Have Your Say

Having a marketing mentor is an invaluable learning experience. Your mentor will take the time to understand your vision and will tailor their sessions so that you are receiving the most relevant advice for your small business. You will learn a lot along the way, and better still, you will not need to relinquish all control over your marketing initiatives.

Having a marketing mentor is about all about collaboration. You know your business - your mentor knows how to get it seen. The perfect marketing plan relies on you both bringing your areas of expertise into unison.

When you feel that your marketing mentor has helped your small business reach a more financially viable position, you may decide to pay for a more permanent solution. Business owners without any marketing experience will feel nervous at the idea of surrendering their business to the mercy of a marketing team or external agency. But having spent time laying the foundations of your business’ marketing strategy with a mentor, you will be better prepared to liaise with your marketing resource and form an effective working relationship.

Build A Strong Network

Marketing is an inherently social sector, and a marketing mentor can introduce your small business to a large network of useful industry contacts that you would otherwise spend months or years trying to cultivate. These relationships could open new doors for your small business in ways you could not have predicted or planned on your own.

A great marketing mentor, along with their circle of contacts, could lead to instrumental long-term working relationships, allowing you to grow your small business into a thriving enterprise with solid alliances.

Wiseup offers a database of quality mentors with marketing experience that could transform your small business and help it reach its potential. Browse our marketing mentors here to find yours.

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