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What Impact Does Culture Have on a Business and Workplace?

Joe Wood
14 September 2020

A big thank you to Donna Dibbert from Hayoka for this guest-blog. Check Hayoka out here!

The power of culture is what separates progressive workplaces from those riddled with despair and makes some businesses bold instead of boring.

Do people leave their brains at the door and collect on your way out? How crazy is this?

Culture is the glue that holds people together. Knowing what your culture is, is important so that it is in service of the bigger picture of growth and meaningful work.

Is it clear why your business exists in the world? What is your purpose? What culture do you have?

The easiest way to get some understanding is to ask some people in your business.

If you get a variety of answers then you are not being clear.

So why is it important to be clear?

Having purpose and meaning gives people the energy, passion and motivation to get out of bed in the morning.

It also fosters communities of like-minded employees, customers, suppliers and others. They come together with shared ideals. As a result, inspiring work cuts through bureaucracies, silos, and egos to unleash the potential of an organization.

Knowing what your culture is and then deciding if this supports the business goals and objectives is the first step.

Recommendation – Hire for your culture and provide training for the skills.

Donna Dibbert

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