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What Is A Business Health And Wellbeing Coach?

Maddie Brindley-Slater
27 July 2022
What Is A Health And Wellbeing Coach 2

As time goes by, businesses are recognising the importance of looking after health and wellbeing now more than ever. With recent years causing us to take a closer look at employee mental and physical health, there has been greater emphasis on the mind/body link and how this plays out within a company.

In particular, companies now recognise the benefits of offering their staff workplace wellbeing coaching as a means for creating happier, stronger staff.

What is a wellbeing coach?

In simple terms, a wellbeing coach is someone that works with an individual or team in order to improve their health and overall vitality. This type of coach offers a holistic approach to wellbeing, looking at both lifestyle and possible stressors in order to help coachees become more aligned as people.

Employee wellbeing is so important because mind and body are intrinsically linked, meaning that if one element is out of sync, the rest suffers. There are many benefits to working with a health and wellness coach, not least because your teams become more productive and resilient as a result.

Wellbeing coaching can support people who are feeling out of sync, overworked and underappreciated. Below we discuss some of the main benefits of working with a wellbeing coach and how they can bring out the best in your people.

How can a health and wellbeing coach help your teams?

It helps heighten motivation

Poor mental and physical health can result in a drop in motivation and output, so when your team’s wellbeing is off kilter you’ll be sure to know about it.

To combat these negative side effects, a dedicated health and wellbeing coach will offer support and guidance to help motivate your teams. Coaching sessions are designed to re-engage your staff; keeping your teams motivated ultimately helps to create a stronger workforce.

It helps prevent burnout

Health and wellbeing coaching promotes happier teams with better work/life balances, which contributes to overall mental wellbeing.

Employee mental health contributes significantly to your business, with companies that focus on this area seeing stronger business performance and results. Health and wellbeing coaches are able to pinpoint the weaknesses in mental health and work through these areas in order to prevent burnout. Your teams will feel more energised as a result.

It’s empowering

Wellbeing coaching helps to promote a stronger sense of self, instilling a sense of personal power in the individuals that undergo it. A wellbeing programme is designed to support your staff in becoming the best version of themselves, from the inside out.

Encouraging the development of knowledge, skills and confidence, wellbeing coaching helps your teams to feel empowered in their abilities. They may also be encouraged to undergo other activities that empower them, such as exercise, meditation or other activities.

What Is A Health And Wellbeing Coach 3

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