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Why Business Mentors Are The Key To Elevating Your Teams

Maddie Brindley-Slater
16 June 2022
Why Business Mentors Are The Key To Elevating Your Teams 2

Are you looking to turn your business into a strong & unified workplace? If you’re wanting to take your business one step further, you should be prioritising your teams and their development. What better way to do so than by working with a dedicated business mentor?

Business mentoring can be defined as an expert partnering closely with a company in order to take a business higher. A business mentor will draw upon their extensive expertise as a fountain of resources in order to aid the success of the business they’re helping.

Business owners and their teams alike can flourish under the support of business mentors. It can be the difference between a business thriving, rather than surviving. If you’re unsure just what business mentoring entails, read on.

Here’s how business mentoring can support your teams

Your teams will learn new skills

Offering your teams mentoring programmes is one of the top ways to develop their skills for improved performance.

This is done by knowledge and skill transfer from mentor to mentee. Business experts have been in the industry and helped countless businesses and teams over their time. Leveraging their knowledge and experience can help your teams develop and grow as they learn from someone with first-hand experience.

Ultimately, an experienced mentor is positioned to share their wealth of knowledge in order to assist your teams with personal development. Learning from someone who has been there, done that is invaluable!

Your teams will benefit from additional communication

Stronger communication in the form of feedback & support can help your teams get poised for growth through a number of ways.

Firstly, getting regular feedback is a great asset for any employee, as it gives each individual a reference point for future improvements. Lack of communication and direction can often be a major stumbling block for employees, so a mentor can provide beneficial pointers for improvement.

In addition to receiving feedback which can spur on development, mentors act as a sounding board to your teams. a sounding board allows your teams to enter a feedback loop in real time as and when issues occur, with an expert who has direct experience

Having a sounding board is hugely beneficial to performance because it provides clarity and a new vantage point. If you’re wanting to elevate your teams this is a non-negotiable!

Your teams will see an increase in confidence

Another benefit of offering employees mentoring sessions is the increase in confidence your teams will experience. This stems from the reassurance and support a business expert can provide them as they navigate each turn.

Studies show that young people in particular can see an increase in confidence following coaching & mentoring, so if your teams are made up of younger staff this is especially useful.

Employees with high confidence levels become assets to your business as they go on to influence others. In many ways they too become a mentor in their own way, helping colleagues and instilling confidence in their peers too.

You’ll enforce a happy environment & culture

Struggling with a high employee churn rate due to unhappy staff? Mentoring helps to keep teams happy, with 9 in 10 workers with mentors stating they are happy in their roles.

This all comes down to your company culture; creating a happier and supportive environment where everyone is offered chances to learn and evolve helps to make high performing teams.

This is because when your teams feel like they’re being invested in, it helps to promote a sense of wellbeing and positivity. Teams that feel they are well looked after naturally feel a sense of reassurance and contentedness in their roles, which can help to lower employee turnover and create a more productive workforce.

How to find a mentor who can take your business higher

Consider your goals

Start by analsying your current standing and where you’d like to be. What are the important skills and qualities an expert should have in order to meet these requirements? Consider your short and long term business aspirations.

After considering what’s important, turn your goals into a plan that outlines your business’s requirements and aspirations. When initially speaking with a business mentor, they’ll be able to turn your vision into an action plan and progress roadmap.

Consider your current strengths & weaknesses

Having a base understanding of the areas that need working on can make finding a business mentor easier. Once you understand this, you can marry up your needs with an expert, filling in any missing areas with their expertise.

Start by drawing up a comprehensive breakdown of all your strengths, followed by areas the business needs work on. Having this information to hand will prove extremely useful when matching with a potential business mentor.

Get a free consultation

Lastly, before committing to business mentoring, ensure you get a thorough understanding of your business mentoring proposal and ample opportunities to virtually meet your expert.

Whether you want help growing your business or want to create top performing teams, mentoring programmes are tailored to your unique needs, so it is best to ensure everything is aligned with you values before commencing.

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Why Business Mentors Are The Key To Elevating Your Teams 3

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