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Why Company Culture Is Key To SME Success

Chantelle Argent
29 January 2021

What Is Company Culture?

Company culture is about far more than having bean bags scattered around the office or a writing inspirational quotes on a collaborative chalkboard wall. It’s about your fundamental values and decisions as a company.

Your company’s culture is comprised of many aspects including your ethical beliefs, behaviours, working environment, structural organisation, employee benefits, company mission, and how you choose to interact with the big wide world.

Why Is Company Culture So Important For SMEs?

SMEs are in a far better position than larger and more established companies to really home in on their company culture. The big, corporate giants of this world are largely more set in their ways.

Because the shift toward culture-centric business is a relatively new phenomenon, these larger companies often operate under a culture that is somewhat outdated or unoriginal.

SMEs can be whoever they want to be, and it will be far easier to infuse every aspect of the business with their unique company culture, and to have it actually become a core, identifiable part of their brand.

The Benefits Of Company Culture

Shape Your Identity

Thinking about your company culture is a great way to build your business from the inside-out. You take control of how you are seen, rather than just passively waiting to see how consumers will perceive you based on your industry performance.

It’s likely that there are countless businesses offering the same product or service as your company. But there will be no other business with your exact company culture. It is your fingerprint as a company and a brand, and this can be hugely powerful in setting you apart from competitors.


Show Your Commitment

Let’s say there are two companies in the business of sustainability. One company encourages volunteer programs with employee incentive, offers a cycle to work scheme, and plants trees to match its paper usage. The other still uses plastic cups in the office and outwardly doesn’t appear to be doing anything to reduce its own carbon footprint.

Which is more likely to gain the trust and respect of the general public, potential employees and its affiliate businesses? Trust and authenticity are imperative to the success of a business in such a saturated market.

Keep Your Employees Happy and Dedicated

Great company culture helps to cultivate a motivated and high-performing workforce. SMEs are lucky in that they can offer far more flexibility when it comes to creating a sustainable work-life balance for its employees right from the get-go.

Employee wellbeing and job satisfaction plays a huge role the overall success of a business. Your business is the people it’s comprised of. If these people aren’t happy, or don’t believe in what you’re doing, this will reflect in your performance.

Build the Dream Team

Having strong values when it comes to protecting your company culture means that you will not only have more clarity over the type of people you want to hire, but you will also attract high-quality and like-minded candidates who know what they are looking for, and care about their industry.

Keep growing your team in this considered and way, and your business is sure to reap the benefits of a genuinely dedicated and harmonious team.

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