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Wiseup & LondonEnergy Partner Again On The Pathfinder Programme

Maddie McArdle
15 November 2023

Wiseup is thrilled to announce the renewed partnership with LondonEnergy on the Pathfinder Programme for the 2023/2024 academic year. Delivering waste and resource management services to North London, they operate one of the largest waste management contracts in the UK – meaning their services play a vital role in powering and keeping large swathes of London clean.

In light of the initial pilot scheme, in which four students from Harris Academy Tottenham took part in this career-inspiring programme, this year the cohort increases in size, as ten students will be invited to discover the world of work with the help of their mentors from LondonEnergy itself.

Last year’s alumni spent time with various departments at LondonEnergy’s EcoPark site in Edmonton. From people to energy management teams, the students were able to get a feel for a range of areas of the business.

Wiseup London Energy 1

As is often the case at the start of their careers, the next steps can be a bit of a mystery for many young adults. This experience is designed to show them the world of possibilities and how diverse roles can be in this area. Workshops, shadowing and skills boot camps are all set to take place on the work placement week, equipping the students with the skills needed to gain a foothold in their early careers.

This year’s 1-2-1 mentoring sessions will take place in spring 2024 - before, during and after the work placement; this wraparound support best prepares the young people to make the most of their time on work experience.

Whilst changing the lives of young people in North London, the programme aims to inspire the mentors; gaining and developing workplace and personal skills in the process. Additionally, at a time when the UK Government have recently announced they’re working towards a net zero 2050 goal, the renewable energy sector will prove ever more vital to the UK economy and jobs market as the deadline approaches. Attracting top talent to drive this force will be a deciding factor for many firms in the years to come. LondonEnergy is set to create a talent highway of young people who are keen to make a mark.

Wiseup London Energy 3

At such a pivotal moment in their lives, the prospect of mentoring young people can be a daunting task to the mentors involved. With the help of a Wiseup expert and a briefing workshop, the LondonEnergy volunteers will go into this programme feeling well-equipped for their roles as mentors.

With 2024 just around the corner, the coming year is set to make a big impact on the lives of all those who take part in this programme, along with the wider community in North London. We’re proud to be partnered with such an exciting company, that sees the value in giving back to their local community.

Wiseup Co-Founder, Joe Wood noted: "It's been a pleasure to work with LondonEnergy on this programme - being such an interesting organisation that directly serves the North London community, the programme has allowed students to experience a truly unique employer and shone a light on an industry of critical importance to their community and the UK as a whole."

We’re looking forward to helping our partners make a big impact in 2024 and beyond. To learn more about our programmes, please get in touch.

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