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Virtual Coffee

Virtual Coffee is an opportunity for Mentee and Mentor to introduce one another, and discuss which services would be of most use.

All Mentors offer a 15 minute phone or video call to talk through a Mentee's goals and suggest the service that will help them the most!

If you'd prefer, you can chat freely over the online messaging system instead of over a call.

How it works:
1. Mentees click request next to Virtual Coffee on their chosen Mentor's profile. A text box will appear where you can add some text explaining who they are and what they'd like to discuss.
2. After the request is sent, the Mentor will review the Mentee's profile and request text, and accept or deny depending on their capacity.
3. If the Mentor accepts, a chat will open in Messages between the two parties. Here you can send messages or arrange your 15 minute phone or video call (depending on preference).
4. If a call is preferred, the Mentee should send their phone number or video call user details (Skype or the like) to the Mentor. Agree a time for the call!
5. At the agreed date and time, the Mentor will call the Mentee.
6. Chat and get to know each other!
7. After the call, either party can press End Session in the chat to close it.
8. Mentee can then go to the Mentor profile and request a paid service if one is of interest. See our other guides to see how they work!