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3 Benefits Of Having An Online Mentor (Instead Of Face-To-Face)

Maddie Brindley-Slater
31 August 2022
Coaching & Mentoring
Benefits of having an online mentor 2

There’s no denying that there have been huge changes to the way in which the world operates as a result of the pandemic. With many industries moving to an online setting, mentoring programmes have been one such area to follow suit.

In addition to a changing sphere, mentoring has seen increased demand due to more people feeling out of sync over the last few years, with reports showing a 30% increase in workplace mentoring in an effort to support employees, for example.

All this leads to the conclusion that online mentoring is a worthwhile investment for those wanting to develop. Now comes the question of whether you should seek a mentor in direct proximity to you, perhaps in your company, or whether you should look further afield towards the world of online mentoring via a mentorship platform.

Check out the three main benefits of working with an online mentor below!

What are the benefits of online mentoring, versus in-person mentoring?

You’re not limited by location or occupation

The beauty of working with an online mentor is that any roadblocks due to location or current role are wiped away. This is particularly true for freelancers or those working in a company where mentoring support is not facilitated.

Those who are limited by geographic location need not worry either, as even those in remote locations can access experts from around the globe. This means no matter your circumstances, you can benefit from a mentor’s guidance through an online setting.

Online mentoring opens up the doorway to new horizons, as opposed to traditional mentoring situations, where people were previously limited to finding a mentor in their immediate network. With access to a vast mentoring community, online mentorship allows you to glean insight from people you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to liaise with.

Ultimately, this can go a long way to helping you with your long-term goals.

It’s convenient & flexible

After much of the world switched to working from home in 2020, followed by hybrid working thereafter, it’s no wonder many people have realised the time constraints and limitations that plague traditional work settings and all that involves, such as face-to-face meetings.

With online meetings now being a part of everyday life, it makes sense that mentoring has also taken centre stage in this setting as well.

Online mentoring means you can quickly and efficiently fit your sessions in at times that are appropriate for your busy diary, whether on your lunch break or in the evenings. With online mentors working around your tight schedule, you can arrange video or phone calls whenever suits you. Because of the inherent flexibility of online mentoring relationships, you’ll find less stress and hassle than mentoring that takes place in a traditional setting.

Featuring regular check-ins, most experts are happy to provide support in a casual, off-the-cuff manner, meaning you can rely on them for feedback on demand, in addition to your formal sessions.

You can cherry-pick an expert based on your exact needs

Being able to take the pick of the bunch of a vast array of potential mentors is another major benefit of seeking support from an online mentor. Compared to approaching mentoring from a traditional angle (based solely on who you already know), online platforms allow you to find a mentor who perfectly matches your unique needs.

No matter your level of experience, you’ll be able to find expert advice to suit your scenario. In particular, having access to a vast array of experts who have worked in some of the world’s largest firms can be excellent for those just starting out in a new role, or with their own business.

With over 100 experts to choose from, finding an online mentor with Wiseup is straightforward. We have a number of different options to help you find a suitable expert, ranging from using our quick and easy Expert Matcher tool, to being hand-matched by our team. Finding the perfect personal online mentor is easy with Wiseup.

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Benefits of having an online mentor 3

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