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Generali’s Pathfinder Programme goes live

Maddie Brindley-Slater
16 April 2024
Pathfinder Programme

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with global insurance giant – Generali – as they embark on a Pathfinder Programme scheme this spring/summer. This transformative initiative will involve five students from Harris Academy Westminster, who will be matched with five employees from Generali, ahead of four 1-2-1 mentoring sessions and an immersive work experience week at the Generali London office.

The goal of this combined work experience and mentoring programme is to give 16-17 year olds their first true taste of the world of work. This is done in a way that bolsters them to gain the most out of what can be an intimidating experience. The Pathfinder Programme empowers students by utilising mentoring sessions in the lead-up to, during and after the work experience week. The aim is to build their confidence and alleviate any concerns ahead of their placement. Because of this factor, the mentoring wrapper is an invaluable component that elevates the initiative from a standard work experience programme to a powerfully engaging opportunity for all involved.

Generali programme goes live 2

Generali’s Pathfinder Programme

This new partnership is set to make a tangible impact on the local community: Generali is a world-class business insurance firm headquartered in Italy. With over 50,000 staff across the globe, it is a truly exciting opportunity for the student participants. Not only are the mentees stepping foot into one of the world’s leading insurance providers, they will also be doing so with their very own confidant to guide them through every step of the way.

Generali’s London arm is spearheading this initiative, with five members of staff from HR, Procurement, Claims & Risk departments taking part. Generali is already pioneering the way forward in the ESG world with its commitment to sustainability and fair pay; its involvement in this social-orientated strategy will enhance the business’s positive impact further.

The scheme brings a plethora of benefits to the students, including gaining invaluable real-world work experiences, learning about multiple job functions and developing interpersonal skills. Perhaps most importantly, they will develop a new-found confidence in their abilities and job prospects.

Combining personalised mentorship from professionals with hands-on workshops, tasks and shadowing on their placement, it is hoped the students will gain practical knowledge, enhance their employability, and expand their professional networks.

From the mentor’s perspective, this is a unique chance to develop professionally and personally, enhancing their skill set whilst giving back at the same time.

Generali programme goes live 3

Why these programmes are so key

Bridging the gap between education and employment, these programmes particularly focus on empowering students who feel disconnected from corporate environments. In doing so, students can take the first crucial steps in their careers and as a result, engender social mobility.

In light of their experiences, alumni from other programmes commonly report feeling energised and equipped to move forward with their career plans. Many of them felt they had gained a unique new perspective on the range of job roles and areas they would like to pursue, which are often not taught in schools. We expect the students involved in Generali’s programme will experience the same fantastic transformations as previous cohorts and are excited to share the impact upon this year’s programme completion.

Generali programme goes live 1

The new partnership with Generali represents an exciting time for their staff and the students at Harris Academy Westminster. With the matching process now underway, in the coming weeks, the pairs will embark on their first 1-2-1 mentoring session together. This follows from the mentor training workshop, in which a Wiseup Expert briefed the mentors on the best practices for mentoring young people.

It is organisations like Generali that are helping to break down barriers in place for many talented young people. We can’t wait to share mentor and mentee feedback as the journey progresses.

As ever, we are grateful to be able to partner with companies to transform young lives around the UK. You can read more about how our programmes impact students here.

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