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Top 4 Reasons Why Mentors Are More Helpful Than The Internet

Chantelle Argent
8 April 2021
Coaching & Mentoring

When we find ourselves stuck, many of us will turn to Google for answers (other internet search engines are available, apparently …) But believe it or not, the internet is not always the ultimate fountain of knowledge.

Technology is still no replacement for human-to-human communication. Here are the top 4 reasons why a mentor is, and will always be, far more helpful than the internet:

No Distractions

Want to buy a new air purifier? How about a pillow with your own face on it? Ever thought about getting invisible braces? Why don’t you check your credit score? What does your favourite animal say about you? Welcome to the internet.

While the internet can be a great source of information, and a necessary tool for productivity, it is also one huge web (pun intended) of distraction. Even once you get past the personalised ads and pop-up windows, there is such a dizzying amount of data on the internet that it is easy to fall into the rabbit hole.

There is always more to learn, and a simple Google search can quickly send you spiralling into a never-ending pursuit of answers. For this reason, it can actually be counterproductive. A mentor provides structure, breaking down the learning process into manageable steps (and then won’t rope you into watching cat videos halfway through a session).

A Mentor Is Reliable

There are countless sources of information all vying for your attention on the internet. This can be overwhelming, confusing, and it can often be difficult to spot the misinformation. You can think of the internet as the ultimate Jack of all trades, but master of none. For every good bit of information out there, there will be just as much tosh.

A mentor will be highly skilled and experienced in their field. Unlike the internet, which is widely available and inherently contradictory, a mentor’s knowledge will be refined, coherent, and invaluable.

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A Mentor Moves You Forward

Let’s say you manage to cut through the fake news, flawed data, and biased opinions. Perhaps you find that golden nugget of knowledge that you’ve been looking for. Now what?

Once you’ve found what you came for, the internet will not then encourage you to take action like a mentor will. Google won’t set you goals. Yahoo! won’t give you feedback. Bing won’t show you how you can practically apply your new wisdom to your unique situation.

A mentor will do all this and more; holding you accountable for how you prepare before the sessions, how you engage during them, and how you apply the knowledge to real-world situations going forward.

A Mentor Knows You Personally

Sure, the internet is constantly (and kind of terrifyingly) learning more and more about you so that it can provide you with the most tailored results possible. But search engines like Google will never cut straight to the heart of your questions like a mentor can.

Before even making a start on answering your burning questions, a mentor will take the time to get to know you, and your unique circumstance, inside and out. This is something you will never get from an internet search. This is what will keep you motivated, on-track, and ultimately make you succeed.

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