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What Is Online Coaching & Mentoring?

Maddie Brindley-Slater
27 June 2022
Coaching & Mentoring
What Is Online Coaching Mentoring 2

As we live our lives in an ever-increasingly digital world, there are more and more activities taking place purely on the digital landscape; one of those activities is coaching & mentoring.

Once something that would take place in face-to-face proximity, coaching & mentoring has now shifted almost completely towards the online sphere. With the ease with which users can access experts, it perfectly suits the modern person with their hectic schedules and desire for instantaneous access.

Online mentoring & coaching are sought after by many different individuals from a range of backgrounds, including those wanting to progress in their careers, business leaders, budding entrepreneurs and everyone else in between.

Online support has the benefit of being able to adapt to your usual professional schedule and your own time, giving it a flexible advantage over more traditional models.

What is online coaching & mentoring?

Online coaching and mentoring takes place in a digital setting, an experienced industry leader will help to shape a less experienced individual to reach their personal or professional development goals.

Used as a tool for growth by those wishing to advance in their career or business, online mentoring & coaching is an essential instrument to utilise, no matter your aspirations and goals. Taking advantage of someone with double or triple the amount of experience as yourself can act as a stepping stone to development.

Reports show that individuals see practical advantages in coaching & mentoring, with 97% of those undergoing the process feeling it was of value. As well as sharing knowledge and expertise, an online coach or mentor can act as an excellent sounding board, someone who can give impartial advice when you need it most. Coaching & mentoring relationships also promote a sense of confidence in the individual undergoing the support.

There are many advantages to working with an online coach & mentor, let’s explore some of these further…

What are the benefits of online coaching & mentoring?

Get convenient on-demand support

Forget location issues or fitting meetings into your tight schedule, online support works around your availability, which is why it is such a popular tool.

When coaching sessions can take place in the comfort of your own home on your lunch break, there is always an element of flexibility and control on your part. As you can choose exactly when and where you would like to hold your sessions, you have the ability to fit your personal development in a way that is convenient for you and your busy schedule.

Long gone are the days of face-to-face meetings, which can require lengthy travel time and awkward diaries to work around. Digital sessions are the way forward, with the online education market forecast to reach $350 billion by 2025, it’s clear that there is an ever-growing demand for this kind of support.

Receive honest feedback

Acting as a sounding board for your innermost concerns and worries, an expert can help you overcome issues as and when they arrive by providing honest feedback. A sounding board can be defined as when an individual shares ideas with an external party in order to get unbiased feedback.

This feedback can be crucial for helping you identify your next move, without it, it can be easy to spend time agonising over a situation. Referred to as ‘decision fatigue’ or ‘analysis paralysis’, when the onus is purely on yourself to take control, it can be very hard to move forward.

Take away the crippling fear of decision-making alone by airing your opinions out with someone who has been there before. An expert’s advice may just be the ticket to moving forward through life’s hurdles.

Achieve your goals faster

With the help of an expert, you can expect to steamroll your way towards your goals thanks to the effect working with a 3rd party expert can have on your motivation and morale. Consider when you start the gym or a diet with a friend – you naturally feel more focused and motivated because of this ‘buddy system’. Now imagine the person you are checking in with is an expert in their field!

Various studies have outlined the advantage of working with someone else when it comes to achieving your objectives. Whatever your specific goals, an online expert can guide you as you track progress along your journey.

Having someone hold you accountable and frequently checking in on your progress can be extremely helpful whilst on a journey of self-improvement.

Grow in confidence

In this modern day and age, many people report feelings of low self-esteem, with up to 85% of adults globally reporting low confidence levels. If this is something you struggle with, an expert in your field can guide you towards growing in self-assurance.

One of the most frequently cited benefits of undertaking online mentoring & coaching programmes is the growth in confidence, with 87% of users who have undergone online coaching & mentoring reporting an increase in confidence.

Due to the bespoke nature of online sessions, an expert will treat your individual scenario however they see fit. They may take you through step-by-step scientific strategies with precision, alternatively they may decide to draw upon their own wisdom and experience on the matter. However an expert decides best to go about it, you’ll find lots of value in their support.

What Is Online Coaching Mentoring 3

Sessions with Wiseup are flexible & tailored to your needs

If you’ve decided it’s time to push yourself further and want to work with an online coach or mentor, you’re in the right place! As one of the UK’s leading coaching & mentoring platforms, we link users with handpicked industry experts from around the world.

Provide some information on your background and requirements and our Service Manager will match you with the perfect expert. Every session is tailored to your needs, so you’ll find a flexible pathway to reaching your goals that may shift and change as new topics or challenges arise.

Get started with your very own dedicated online coach or mentor by browsing experts. Book in a free Virtual Coffee or two to understand which expert can best suit your needs. Once happy, you can embark on a unique coaching & mentoring programme with your very own expert whose mission is to empower you.

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About Wiseup

With a host of experts at our fingertips, our network of online coaches & mentors can support you in a range of areas, including career development, life coaching, executive coaching, career changes, business coaching, plus so much more.

Explore our online mentoring platform & discover the right match for your needs using our Expert Matcher tool. Get free tips and resources on our blog here.

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